AHRI Staff

Stephen Yurek
President and CEO

Amanda M. Donohue
Executive Assistant to the President and CEO


John Lanier
Chief Operating Officer

Adrienne Harding
Project Coordinator


Bill Tritsis
Vice President, Certification

Wongyu Choi
Technical Advisor

Denise Hicks
Program Manager, Quality

Justin Prosser
Technical Advisor

Christopher Stone
Senior Advisor, Performance Testing


William Grubb, Jr.
Vice President, Finance

Claire Liuzza–Reyes
Accounts Receivable Specialist

Donna Morris
Director, Accounting

Nicole Rich
Certification Admissions Coordinator, Unitary and Refrigeration Sectors

Patricia Richardson
Senior Accountant

Aphantree "Som" Tanittaisong
Accounts Payable Specialist


Henry Hwong
Senior Vice President, Standards and Global Operations

Maryline Lamborn
Standards Specialist, Standards

Rina Sun
Associate Project Manager

Tommy Wu
Engineering Manager, Asia Operations

Bridge Xue
Vice President, Asia Operations

Jenny Zhang
Senior Engineer, Asia Operations


Samantha Slater
Vice President, Government Affairs

Gregory Baker
Analyst, Federal Policy

Priscila Oliveira
Policy Analyst

Allison Maginot
Director, Government Relations

Marc A. Nard, C.B.O.
Code Development Advisor


Lisa Cardinal
Senior Director, Human Resources

Shannon Bui
HR Generalist, Talent Acquisition & Retention

Lisa Earley
Senior HR Generalist

Veronica Young
Training & Professional Development Manager


Bill McQuade
Vice President, Industry Sector Services and Industry Sector Lead, Applied

Shawn Andrews
Senior Program Engineer

Ned Bent
Program Engineer

Ladan Bulookbashi
Manager, Standards

Darlene Cary
Certification Programs Coordinator, Refrigeration and Applied Sectors

Rony Cherian
Program Engineer

Rupal A. Choksi
Industry Sector Lead, Unitary and Assistant Vice President, Quality

Cesar Eizaga Colmenares
Standards Engineer, Standards

Zach Endy
Certification Programs Coordinator, Heating Sector

Panayiotis (Panos) Fykas
Associate Program Engineer

Caroline Maye Henley
Senior Program Engineer

JaSonica Holloman
Certification Admissions Coordinator, Heating and Applied Sectors

Vincent Hwang
Associate Program Engineer

Austin Kim
Program Engineer

Tae Kwon
Manager, Sector Services, Heating Sector

Nicole Lantonio
Program Engineer

Todd Lumpkin
Industry Sector Lead, Heating

Lauren MacGowens
Industry Sector Lead, Refrigeration

Meron Michael
Certification Admissions Coordinator, Unitary Sector

Shwetha Prabhu
Associate Program Engineer

Nicole Rich
Certification Admissions Coordinator, Unitary and Refrigeration Sectors

Antonio Romeo
Associate Program Engineer

Kezhen Shen
Manager, Sector Services, Applied Sector

Justin Sikorski
Senior Program Engineer

Domanique Taylor
Manager, Certification Operations

Samantha Thomas
Certification Programs Coordinator, Applied and Heating Sectors

Jacob "Cobi" Waxman
Program Engineer

Ted Wayne
Manager, Sector Services, Unitary Sector


James Walters
Vice President, International Affairs

Anita Chan
Coordinator, International Affairs

Makenzie Horrigan
Analyst, International Affairs

Michael LaGiglia
Director, International Affairs


William Fong
Vice President, IT and Business Solutions

Clay Anderson
Desktop Support Specialist

Allison Andrews
Product Manager

Marie Aspillera
Senior Regulatory Compliance Analyst

Josephine Cheung
Software Engineer

Emily Davis
Product Manager

Matthew Goldenberg
Data Analyst

Steven Grudi
Director of Software Development/Data Architect

Katherine Hunt
Manager, Data Analysis

Zeb Jones
Associate Software Engineer

Chrystian Melgarejo Espinosa
Software Engineer

Shannon Michael
Product Manager

Sunil Nanjundaram
Senior Director, Data Services and Business Solutions

Thi Nguyen
AMS Development Manager

David Noyes
Manager, Regulatory Compliance Reporting

Mari-Lou Paul
Technical Analyst, Certification Programs

Hugo Rodriguez Montalvo
Software Engineer

Betz Rother
Membership Coordinator

Andrew Salyer
System Administrator

Kristen Shull
IT Administrator

Bradley Slatten
Director, Information Security and Continuity

Manpreet Srah
Senior Software Assurance Analyst & Scrum Master

Thomas Stichter
Technical Analyst

Mohamed Trad
Manager, IT Operations

Yao Yao
Data Analyst


Caroline Davidson-Hood
General Counsel

Christopher Bresee
Legal Coordinator

Marie Carpizo
Associate General Counsel

Shannon Corcoran
Regulatory Advisor

Nick Harbeck
Industry Analyst

Jennifer Kane
Regulatory Engineer

Laura Petrillo-Groh
Lead Regulatory Advisor

Mandi Shurtleff
Research Assistant

Helen Walter-Terrinoni
Vice President, Regulatory Affairs

Xudong Wang
Vice President, Research


Monica Snipes
Office Manager

Diamond McIntosh
Front Desk Administrator

Hewan Yilma
Office Assistant


Francis Dietz
Vice President, Public Affairs

Monica Cardenas
Senior Director, Communications

Christine Gutermuth
Senior Director, Meetings and Events

Jeffrey Harris
Web Content Coordinator

Adanna Le Gendre
Senior Manager, Marketing and Communications

Lauren Miller
Meeting Planner

Beth Teferi
Meetings Assistant

NATE (North American Technician Excellence)

Gurminder Sidhu
Senior Director, Operations

Yodit Bizuneh
Customer Service Representative

Erika Chow
Customer Service Representative

Shamar Latunde
Customer Service Representative

Lana Mouneimne
Re-Certification Specialist

Tiffany Sokica
Marketing Manager

Anthony Spagnoli
Director, Testing and Education


Sue Perez
Program Coordinator, Workforce Development