Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Electronic Controls


Staff Contact: Ned Bent

Section Scope

Controllers and auxiliary control devices, which are primarily designed to aid in unattended operation, energy efficiency, electric utility demand reduction, cloud connectivity, fault detection & diagnosis, cyber security or safety in the operation of components of comfort conditioning equipment, commercial and industrial refrigeration equipment covered by the scopes of AHRI product sections. Such devices are to be responsive to, but not limited to, one or more of the following conditions: time, temperature, pressure, humidity, fluid flow, air quality (this includes all air contaminants including leaked refrigerants), current, voltage, or, power, and demand reduction or pricing signals.

Specifically excluded are:

  • General purpose motor starters and circuit breakers.
  • All low voltage thermostats.
  • Component controllers and auxiliary controlling devices used in equipment not covered by scopes of AHRI sections, for example: Automotive and recreational vehicles, domestic refrigerators, freezers, and room air conditioners.
  • Gas controls.