AHRI Certification Programs

AHRI administers the following AHRI Certification Programs that test and certify the performance of HVACR and water heating equipment. For more information about any of these programs, please click on the program link to the left.

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The AHRI Product Performance Certification Program is a voluntary program, administered and governed by AHRI, which ensures that various types of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration, and water heating products perform according to manufacturers’ published claims. Products that are certified through the AHRI Product Performance Certification Program are continuously tested, at the direction of AHRI, by an independent third-party laboratory, contracted by AHRI, to determine the product’s ability to conform to one or more product rating standards or specifications.


The purpose of the AHRI Product Performance Certification Program is to:
  • Assure buyers that manufacturers produce products with consistently valid ratings, thus enhancing buyer confidence in the performance of participating manufacturers’ products and discouraging the marketing of products with invalid ratings;
  • Encourage fair competition in the market;
  • Maintain industry-driven certification;
  • Facilitate compliance to various state and federal efficiency regulations;
  • Serve as an accredited Certification Body (CB) to participants for compliance with ENERGY STAR® Qualification;
  • Facilitate applicable tax credits and rebates; and
  • Meet verification and reporting requirements driven by state and federal government regulations.


Benefits of the AHRI Product Performance Certification Program:
  • Recognized throughout the world;
  • Provides consumers with a reliable, apples-to-apples comparison of equipment they are considering purchasing;
  • Increases consumer confidence — independent testing verifies that the product shall perform as the manufacturer claims;
  • Provides a level playing field for manufacturers — competing products are tested and rated to the same standard or specification;
  • Provides the basis for private business and government cooperation — many AHRI certified products are regulated by the government, and AHRI certification may facilitate compliance to minimum efficiency standards, including some set by foreign governments;
  • Facilitates compliance with EPA’s ENERGY STAR verification and reporting requirements; and
  • Maintains integrity in the HVACR industry.