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General Operations Manual

Specification Sheet Verification

Complete a DCOM Request for Verification form for each DCOM Selection Rating Software output report verification request and send to AHRI Verification. A copy of the output report from the manufacturer’s Catalog or Selection Rating Software must be submitted in conjunction with this form. All fields must be completed prior to submission. Note that AHRI only verifies the Certified Data shown on each output report.

Please allow ten (10) calendar days for AHRI to conduct verification and respond to your request.

Program Overview

1.1 Applicable Rating Standard. It is mandatory for program Participants to comply with the applicable rating standard (AHRI Standard 1360 (I-P) and/or ASHRAE 127-2007) as shown in Table 3 of the DCOM OM for each type of unit.

1.2 Product Definitions.

1.2.1 Computer and Data Processing Room Air Conditioner (CDPR). A floor mounted Computer and Data Processing Room Air Conditioner consists of one or more factory-made assemblies, which include a direct expansion evaporator or chilled water cooling coil, an air-moving device(s) and air-filtering device(s). The air conditioner may include a compressor, condenser, humidifier or reheating function. The functions of a CDPR, either alone or in combination with a cooling plant, are to provide air filtration, air circulation, cooling, and humidity control (if the necessary options are included).

1.3 Program Scope. This program applies to the following 50 Hz and 60 Hz CDPR unit Production Models, as defined in Section 1.2.1 and Table 1.

Table 1. Program Scope

Standard Model1

AHRI Type2

Scope Exclusions4

Down-flow Unit
Horizontal-flow Unit
Up-flow Unit – Ducted
Up-flow Unit – Non-Ducted


Total cooling capacity > 225 kW
Airflow rate > 30,000 CFM
Fluid flow rate > 160 gpm
Total Heat of Rejection (THR) > 281 kW


Total cooling capacity > 253 kW
Airflow rate > 36,000 CFM
Fluid flow rate > 180 gpm
Total Heat of Rejection (THR) > 317 kW

   1. Standard Models are defined in Section 3 of AHRI Standard 1360 (I-P).
   2. AHRI Types are described in Table 1 of AHRI Standard 1360 (I-P).
   3. Water-cooled units only.
   4. Applies to performance at AHRI Standard 1360 (I-P) Standard Rating Conditions.

1.4 Intended Market. The Intended Market for this Certification Program, includes all products defined in Section 1.3 that are sold for use in the U.S. (including U.S. Territories) and Canada. Refer to Section of the AHRI General OM.

1.5 Optional Certification. If Participants certify units within the Program Scope that are sold for use outside of the Intended Market, the entire BMG from the same country of origin shall be certified.