Due to worldwide political realignments, the business environment can be tumultuous, and the central themes have remained the same: trade, energy efficiency, and climate change. AHRI’s goal is to be a global source of HVACR and water heating equipment performance standards, certification programs, policies, and information.

Regarding trade, AHRI has actively opposed tariffs on products, components, and raw materials. We have informed members of developments in this arena via regular International Alerts, and the online members-only Tariff Tracker. We have also worked to reduce non-tariff barriers to trade, and worked closely with critical agencies and AHRI’s own government affairs team. One key step is to promote the inclusion of AHRI standards in new potential free trade agreements.

Globalizing AHRI standards and certification programs helps foreign regulators consider AHRI’s standards in MEPS and use our certification program as a tool for regulation. To better coordinate with our global contacts, we have a new office in China, a consultant in the Middle East, and a new AHRI membership category that allows non-U.S. manufacturers to participate in certain AHRI activities. We also maintain these relationships through our participation in ICARHMA, through global expos and ASHRAE Chapter meetings, through collaboration with other associations, such as the National Association of Manufacturers, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and The European Partnership for Energy and the Environment. AHRI offers a weekly report on global regulations, the International Regulatory Information Service (IRIS), to members.