A Working Group of the Standards Policy Committee (SPC) is completing the details of AHRI’s new standards development process under Reinvent. Under this process, AHRI makes a decision upfront as to whether the particular standard ought to be an ANSI and/or an SCC standard. (AHRI does not submit technical guidelines to ANSI or the SCC.) If the decision is that we do not need ANSI and/or SCC approval for the particular standard, then AHRI will follow a streamlined approach (see Path B).

AHRI will need ANSI and/or SCC designation for certain AHRI standards. For example, standards covering regulated products, standards used globally, and standards referenced in building codes all need ANSI or SCC designations. For those standards submitted to ANSI and/or SCC, AHRI procedures will incorporate balanced committees that include outside stakeholders with voting rights throughout the development of the standard.

Summary of Process

TheSPC approves a request for a standard and determines if the standard needs ANSI/SCC approval

If the answer is “yes,” use Path A.

Path A

  1. The Standards Manager initiates a call for consensus standards project committee (CSPC) membership. The SPC chair approves CSPC membership requests.
  2. Balanced CSPC (and optionally its working group) develops a draft consensus standard.
  3. The Cooling Standards Subcommittee (CSS) or the Heating Standards Subcommittee (HSS) reviews the draft standard and provides comments. The CSPC then approves the draft for public review. Public review is conducted. Comments are addressed and resolved by the CSPC.
  4. The CSS or HSS votes approve the mature draft. The CSPC votes to approve final draft. ANSI and SCC approvals are confirmed. The Standard is published.

If the answer is “no,” use Path B.

Path B

  1. A Standards Manager initiates a call for CSPC membership. The SPC approves CSPC membership requests.
  2. The CSPC develops a draft consensus standard (balance is attempted but not required).
  3. The CSS or HSS votes to approve the mature draft standard.
  4. The CSPC votes to approve the final draft.

New and Revised Standards (since November 2018)

  • 2018 Edition of AHRI 275-2018, Application of Outdoor Unitary Equipment A-weighted Sound Power Ratings
  • Errata for AHRI 550/590 (I-P)-2018 and AHRI 551/591 (SI)-2018, Performance Rating of Water-chilling and Heat Pump Water-Heating Packages Using the Vapor Compression Cycle
  • New Standard AHRI 1380 (I-P)-2019, Demand Response through Variable Capacity HVAC Systems in Residential and Small Commercial Applications
  • Addendum 1 to AHRI Standard 210/240-2017, Performance Rating of Unitary Air conditioning and Air-source Heat Pump Equipment
  • 2019 Edition of AHRI 340/360 (I-P), Performance Rating of Commercial & Industrial Unitary Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Equipment