Proposed Standards and Guidelines

AHRI standards and guidelines are used throughout the world. They stimulate innovation and creation and are the stepping stones to improving product performance. Through the use of industry standards and voluntary participation in AHRI's certification programs, consumers can be assured manufacturers' performance claims are accurate and rated uniformly, enabling fair comparisons. AHRI provides access to its standards and guidelines, as well as information about how they are developed and advanced globally.

New Standards/Guidelines under Development
  • Proposed AHRI Standard 375P, Application Sound Rating of Outdoor Large Equipment
  • Proposed AHRI Standard 500P, Calculation of Integrated Energy Efficiency Ratio (IEER) and Simultaneous Heating and Cooling Efficiency (SCHE) for Water-Source Heat Pumps
  • Proposed AHRI Standard 545P, Performance Rating of Modulating Positive Displacement Refrigerant Compressors and Compressor Units
  • Proposed AHRI Standard 930P, Performance Rating of Wrap Around Heat Exchangers
  • Proposed AHRI Standard 1231P (SI), Performance Rating of Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Multi-Split Air-conditioning and Heat Pump Equipment
  • Proposed AHRI Standards 1290P (I-P) & 1291P (SI), Performance Rating of Zoning Products
  • Proposed AHRI Standards 1310P (I-P) & 1311P (SI), Wind Load Design of HVACR Equipment
  • Proposed AHRI Standards 1370P (I-P) & 1371P (SI), Performance Rating of Electronic Expansion Valves
  • Proposed AHRI Standards 1380P (I-P) & AHRI 1381P (SI), Methods for Coordinated Energy Management in Residential Applications
  • Proposed AHRI Standard 1400, Indirect-fired Water Heater Testing Standard
  • Proposed AHRI Standard 1410, Finned Tube (Commercial) Testing and Rating Standard
  • Proposed AHRI Standards 1510P (I-P) & 1511P (SI), Performance Rating of Ultraviolet Light Equipment Compressors
  • Proposed AHRI Standard 1520P, Performance Rating of Centrifugal Compressors
  • Proposed AHRI Guideline M, Unique Fittings and Service Ports for Flammable Refrigerant Use
  • Proposed AHRI Guideline Y, Residential Humidifiers Energy Consumption