Air-to-Air Energy Recovery Ventilation Equipment


Staff Contact: Helen Davis

> Related Standard 1060

Standard 1060 Scope
This standard establishes a single set of requirements for the testing and rating of air flow rate, sensible, latent, and total effectiveness, and pressure drop of air-to-air energy recovery ventilation equipment; whereby, equipment performance ratings can be compared from product to product.

Section Scope

Energy recovery components and packaged energy recovery ventilation units which employ air-to-air heat exchangers to recover energy from exhaust air for the purpose of pre-conditioning outdoor air prior to supplying the conditioned air to the space, either directly or as a part of an air-conditioning (to include air heating, air cooling, air circulating, air cleaning, humidifying and dehumidifying) system. Specifically excluded are parts of products included in the scope of other AHRI product sections