Chemicals & Refrigerant Reclaimers


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Related Standards

Related Standard 580
Standard 580 scope
This standard applies to non-condensable gas Purge Equipment for use with Low Pressure Centrifugal Liquid Chillers as defined in Section 3. This standard defines general equipment requirements, test methods and analysis techniques used to determine the performance rating for Purge Equipment that remove Non-Condensable Gases from Low Pressure Centrifugal Liquid Chillers. This Purge Equipment is typically used in conjunction with chillers which operate with at least a portion of the system below atmospheric pressure.
Related Standard 700
Standard 700 Scope
This standard establishes purity specifications for acceptability of fluorocarbon refrigerants regardless of source (new, reclaimed and/or repackaged) for use in new and existing refrigeration and air-conditioning products within the scope of AHRI. Refrigerants covered include: R-11, R-12, R-13, R-22, R-23, R-32, R-113, R-114, R-123, R-124, R-125, R-134a, R-143a, R-401A, R-401B, R-402A, R-402B, R-403A, R-403B, R-404A, R-405A, R-406A, R-407A, R-407B, R-407C, R-407D, R-407E, R-408A, R-409A, R-409B, R-410A, R-410B, R-411A, R-411B, R-412A, R-413A, R-500, R-502, R-503, R-507A, R-508A, R-508B, and R-509A.
Related Standard 740
Standard 740 scope
This standard establishes a single set of requirements for the testing and rating of capacity, speed, purge loss, and minimum purity requirements for refrigerants for refrigerant recovery/recycling equipment; whereby, equipment performance can be compared from product to product. The standard applies to equipment for recovering and/or recycling single compound refrigerants, azeotropes, zeotropic blends, and their normal contaminants from refrigerant systems.

AHRI White Paper: Reports of R-134a Contaminated with R-40 and Other Refrigerants

Section Scope

Companies who manufacture equipment, chemical compounds, or reclaim recovered refrigerant as outlined in the subsection scopes below:

Chemicals Subsection Scope

The subsection is open to companies who manufacture chemical compounds which have significant application in conjunction with the manufacture, operation, or service of air conditioning and refrigeration equipment, and containers and equipment used to transport, store, or process these chemicals.

Chemical compounds covered are limited to the following:

  1. Those used to transfer heat in the refrigeration cycles.
  2. Those used to transfer heat as secondary heat transfer liquids.
  3. Lubricating oils used in the refrigeration cycle.
  4. Those, including desiccants, used for absorption or adsorption of moisture or other contaminants in conjunction with the refrigeration system.
  5. Those used to absorb or release heat in absorption systems.
  6. Those used to clean or flush components of air conditioning and refrigeration systems.
  7. Water treatment chemicals for air conditioning and refrigeration systems.


Equipment is limited to the following specific items:


  1. Containers used for the distribution, storage, or recovery of refrigerants, plus container accessories such as valves and pressure relief devices.
  2. Equipment to recover and/or recycle chemical compounds addressed above.
  3. Non-Condensable gas purge equipment for use with low pressure centrifugal liquid chillers as defined in AHRI Standard 580.


Refrigerant Reclaimers Subsection Scope:

The subsection is open to companies who reclaim recovered refrigerants to the purity specifications outlined in the current version of AHRI Standard 700 (Specification for Fluorocarbon Refrigerants). The process can be used to reclaim customer-owned refrigerants or to reclaim used refrigerant that will subsequently be sold to third parties. Specifically excluded are refrigerants synthesized from virgin materials and products included in the scope of other ARI product sections