Chairman's Challenge

On November 19, 2013, AHRI Chairman Bob McDonough issued a challenge to AHRI members: host a plant tour with one or more of your elected representatives or government officials.

McDonough told the membership assembled at AHRI's Annual Meeting.:

“We have a good story to tell. The easiest way to start is to show first hand our business, our products, and our employment to the people that control the future of our industry. No effort is too small.”

To assist in this effort, AHRI has created the 2014 Chairman’s Challenge Contest.

Contest Details

Timeline: January 7, 2014-November 1, 2014

All participants and the winner will be recognized during the 2014 Annual Meeting.

Participants must inform AHRI about any visit, and submit a photograph of the legislator on site, during the visit (see Chairman’s Challenge Legislative Visit Toolkit). Send photos to Monica Cardenas. You may also post photos on AHRI's Facebook or Twitter pages. AHRI will announce all visits as they occur in the AHRI Update and on its Facebook page.

The AHRI member company that hosts the most congressional or state legislator visits to its place of business (any and all U.S. locations) will win a free registration to the 2015 Public Policy Symposium and will be recognized at the 2014 Annual Meeting, to be held November 16-18 at the La Costa Resort & Spa in Carlsbad, Calif.

AHRI members are invited to utilize the Chairman’s Challenge Toolkit, available here.