Webinars on Advocacy at AHRI


Welcome to Lobbying: How to Establish Relationships with Your Elected Representatives and Make the Most of Your Federal and State Legislative Visits
The ability and willingness of our member companies to establish relationships and work with their elected representatives at the local, state, and federal levels are a key to the ultimate success of AHRI’s – and our industry’s – lobbying efforts. Just as with your company’s customers, as effective and important as emails, phone calls, and letters can be, there is simply no substitute for face-to-face interaction and relationship building as a way to disseminate information and influence outcomes. But meeting elected officials, getting to know them, and establishing yourselves and your companies as important resources to them in their work can be an intimidating and daunting task. To help reduce the mystique and stress factor, AHRI staff will present an educational webinar on July 22 to help members develop federal and state advocacy programs and build relationships with your elected representatives.

Designed to help members build a presence in Washington and where you live and learn how to easily advocate for your company's legislative priorities, this webinar will demonstrate:

  • How vital your perspective is on issues of importance to your company – and the best ways to provide that perspective
  • The importance of the jobs you create and sustain in establishing your credibility to weigh in on issues
  • The reality that every single card, email, letter, phone call, and personal visit is tallied in each office on every major issue
  • The simple fact that your representatives and their staff actually rely on your company’s expertise and perspective to help them make informed decisions – far from being a nuisance, you’re actually a welcome help


So, mark your calendars and make plans to join AHRI’s professional staff and either strengthen your existing government affairs program or take the mystery out of creating a new one.




Webinar on Advocacy at AHRI
Federal and state legislative activity impacting the HVACR and water heating industry continues despite the COVID-19 pandemic. As such, AHRI recognizes the need to adopt additional advocacy tools to make sure our members are heard on Capitol Hill and in state legislatures across the country. Our new online tool enables our member company employees to communicate with Congress and state legislatures at the click of a button.


Learn how this easy-to-use new tool will streamline your ability to advocate for the continued success of our industry.

View the webinar here.

For more information about advocacy at AHRI and the call-to-action center, please contact AHRI Senior Vice President, Government Affairs Samantha Slater.