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AHRI Standards Consensus Body Seeking New Members

AHRI is recruiting members for one or more Consensus Bodies for the AHRI standards activity. A Consensus Body gives the final ballot approval for publication of an AHRI standard as an American National Standard (ANS, or ANSI standard) or National Standard Canada (NSC, or Canadian standard). The Consensus Bodies replace the function served by the previous Canvass Body, but will be long-term, standing bodies. Membership requirements for Consensus Body members are outlined in section 4.6 of the AHRI Standards Policy & Procedure document available here. The Consensus Body balloting process is found in section 6.7 of that same document.

Consensus Body members will be asked to review candidate ANS and NSC standards for technical or procedural issues or potential conflict with existing standards. Depending on the number of Consensus Bodies formed, each Consensus Body may be responsible for reviewing and voting on approximately two standards per month. Beyond initial training no meetings will be held.

AHRI membership is not required for membership in the Consensus Body. In accordance with ANSI requirements, the Consensus Body membership must be balanced between the various Interest Categories of Component Manufacturer, Product Manufacturer, Regulatory Agency, Testing Laboratory, Consumer/User, and General Interest; these categories are described in section 4.6.4 of the Policy & Procedure document. Volunteers representing regulators, test labs, and consumer groups are specially sought in order to provide a broad perspective into the final approval of ANS and NSC standards.

While recruitment for additional Consensus Body members will be ongoing, for the initial formation of the Consensus Body applicants are asked to submit their name and contact information, company employed by, and Interest Category by the end of October 2021 to

Revised Standards Policy & Procedures Document

On February 26, 2021 the AHRI Standards Committee approved a revision of the AHRI Standards Policy & Procedures document, the document that governs the AHRI standards activity; a further revision of the document approved on August 27, 2021 addressed specific issues from ANSI and SCC. The purpose of this complete rewrite of the document was to address issues of usability and to streamline and clarify the AHRI standards development and approval process. Current standards activities are being transitioned to the new process depending on their current stage of completion, and all new activities will take place under the new process.

New Standards Subcommittees aligned with the product sectors have been created by the Standards Committee. These new Subcommittees have created Standards Technical Committees and have assigned existing and future standards activities to them; existing Engineering Committees are being combined into the new Standards Technical Committees.

Click here for information about participating in the new Standards Subcommittees, Standards Technical Committees, and Consensus Bodies.

The new AHRI Standards Policy & Procedures document is available here.

Public Reviews and Current Activities

Public Reviews
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Current Activities
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