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Revised Standards Policy & Procedures Document — Approved

On February 26, 2021 the AHRI Standards Committee approved a revision of the AHRI Standards Committee Policy & Procedures document, the document that governs the AHRI standards activity. The purpose of this complete rewrite of the document was to address issues of usability and to streamline and clarify the AHRI standards development and approval process. Current standards activities will be transitioned to the new process depending on their current stage of completion, and all new activities will take place under the new process. Approval of this new process document by ANSI and SCC is pending.

Major differences between this new Policy & Procedures document and the previous 2018 version include:

  • Clarification of roles and membership for the Standards Committee (StdC), Standards Subcommittees (SSCs), Standards Technical Committees (STCs), and Standards Work Groups (SWGs).
  • Clarification of the approval process for standards and guidelines.
  • Standards Technical Committees will be standing committees with ownership of multiple related standards, rather than the single standard per Engineering Committee (EC) as was the previous practice.
  • Replacement of the review and approval by the Product Sections, which were eliminated by the 2019 AHRI Reinvent, with a Public Review.
  • Replacement of the one-off Canvass Body, which was recruited for review and final approval of each ANSI standard, with standing Consensus Bodies.

In addition, new Standards Subcommittees aligned with the product sectors will be created by the Standards Committee. These new Subcommittees will then create Standards Technical Committees and assign existing and future standards activities to them; existing Engineering Committees will be combined into the new Standards Technical Committees.

Click here for information about participating in the new Standards Subcommittees, Standards Technical Committees, and Consensus Bodies.

The new AHRI Standards Committee Policy & Procedures document is available here.

Public Reviews and Current Activities

Public Reviews
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